CEN 435: Computer Graphics

Offered Under: B.Sc. in Computer Engineering (CEN)

Output primitives and attributes; Line, circle and ellipse drawing algorithms; Two dimensional geometric transformation; Two dimensional viewing; Line, polygon, curve and text clipping algorithms; Parallel and perspective projections; Three dimensional object representation; Visualization of data sets; 3D transformations; Visible surface identification; Color models (RGB, YIQ, CMY, HSV); General computer animation, raster, keyframe; Graphics programming using OpenGL; Drawing 3D objects and sCSEes; Shading models (flat, smooth); Adding texture to faces; Adding shadows of objects; Fractals and self similarity; Random fractals; Ray tracing; Adding surface texture; Reflection and transparency.

Course Type Major
Credit Hour 3
Lecture Hour 45
Expected Outcome(s):
  • Design and implement model and viewing transformations, the graphics pipeline and an interactive render loop using the OpenGL API.
  • Appreciate and use the underlying algorithms and mathematical concepts supporting 2D and 3D computer graphics.
  • Discuss the application of computer graphics concepts in the development of computer games, information visualization, and business applications.
  • Understand and select from various models for lighting/shading and surfaces.
  • Design and implement models of surfaces, lights, sounds, and textures using OpenGL.

Suggested Books:
  1. Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top - Down Approach with OpenGL by Ed Ange.
  2. Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (3rd Edition) Peter Shirley and Steve Marschner, A.K. Peters, 2009.
  3. OpenGL Programming Guide (the red book)

Grading Policy:

Biweekly Quiz, One Midterm Exam, One Final Exam, Project

Letter Grade Marks Grade Point
A 90 - 100 4.00
A- 85 - 89 3.70
B+ 80 - 84 3.30
B 75 - 79 3.00
B- 70 - 74 2.70
C+ 65 - 69 2.30
C 60 - 64 2.00
C- 55 - 59 1.70
D+ 50 - 54 1.30
D 45 - 49 1.00
F 00 - 44 0.00