CSC 485: Telecommunication Engineering

Offered Under: B.Sc. in Computer Science (CSC)

The course presents a general introduction to telecommunications aspects such as signal acquisition, transmission and processing in communication systems. Topics include: Characteristics of typical communication channels; Typical signals (speech, audio, video, data) and their characteristics; Basic analogue and digital techniques; Key techniques in handling transmission system issues (modulation, coding, multiplexing, etc); System performance and evaluation (channel noise, inters symbol interference, bit error rate, etc.); Major communication systems including telephony, radio, TV, satellite, mobile phone, optical fiber, radar and networks.

Course Type Major
Credit Hour 3
Lecture Hour 45
Expected Outcome(s):
  • Know and understand the engineering principles and methodologies of digital transmission and detection and use this to analyze and design systems which minimize error rates and inter symbol interference.
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of the underlying technologies of digital communication networks and data transport technologies for use in access and core networks.
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of the underlying technologies of packet-based networks and use this to analyse the different components and layer functionality of such networks
  • Use fundamental knowledge to assess communication system performance and identify the necessary compromises between bandwidth, signal quality and coding requirements.
  • Calculate the design requirements for coding in systems for speech and video transmission.
  • Understand the contexts in which communication engineering knowledge can be applied.

Suggested Books:
  1. Wireless Personal Communications by Theodore S. Rappaport, Brian D. Woerner, Jeffrey H. Reed and William H. Tranter

Grading Policy:

Biweekly Quiz, One Midterm Exam, One Final Exam, Project

Letter Grade Marks Grade Point
A 90 - 100 4.00
A- 85 - 89 3.70
B+ 80 - 84 3.30
B 75 - 79 3.00
B- 70 - 74 2.70
C+ 65 - 69 2.30
C 60 - 64 2.00
C- 55 - 59 1.70
D+ 50 - 54 1.30
D 45 - 49 1.00
F 00 - 44 0.00