CNC 501: Computer Networks

Offered Under: M.Sc. in Computer Networks & Communications (CNC)

This course covers topics including network requirements, architecture, protocol stack models, Ethernet, Token Ring, Wireless, and FDDI networks, LAN, bridges, switching and routing in IP and ATM networks, and Internetworking. Apart from learning the concepts in networks, the students will gain expertise in analyzing and designing networking protocols. The course will enable students to know the pragmatics and theories of Internet-related technologies, which offer the background knowledge and skills required for computer and network engineers. Contents covered include; Internet Architecture and client/server applications, Client and Server Computing, Inter-networking concepts and Architectural Model; Transport protocols: UDP/TCP,TCP/IP socket programming; Routing protocols; Domain Name System; Mobile IP; Next Generation IP, some upper layer protocols , sub netting, and multiple access. This course also covers Voice over IP and some advanced topics in computer networking like, overview of OSI model, Circuit switching and Packet switching, multiplexing, routing and congestion control and deadlock prevention. Driving forces for high-speed networking, High-speed LANs, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless LANs, FDDI and DQDB, Encryption and network security.

Course Type Major
Credit Hour 3
Lecture Hour 45
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