CNC 628: Radio Frequency and Microwave Engineering

Offered Under: M.Sc. in Computer Networks & Communications (CNC)

Fundamentals of modern microwave engineering with emphasis on microwave network analysis and circuit design. Microwave transmission lines, including waveguide, coax, microstrip, and stripline. Microwave circuit theory, including S-parameters, ABCD matrices, equivalent circuits, and signal flow graphs. Analysis and design of passive microwave circuits and components including matching networks and microwave resonators. Analysis and design of passive microwave devices, including power dividers, directional couplers, filters, and ferrite components. Noise and noise effects in microwave systems. Analysis and design of active microwave circuits, including detectors, mixers, PIN diode switches, transistor amplifiers, and oscillators.

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Course Type Major
Credit Hour 3
Lecture Hour 45
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