CSC 684: Computer Animation and Virtual Reality

Offered Under: M.Sc. in Computer Science (CSC)

Introduction to Virtual Reality, Virtual reality systems, Real-time computer graphics, Overview of application areas. Virtual Reality Systems - Virtual environment, The computer environment, VR technology, Modes of interaction. Virtual Reality hardware - Sensor hardware, Display Systems, Acoustic hardware, Integrated VR systems. Virtual Reality software - Modeling of virtual worlds, Simulation, VR toolkits. 3D Computer Graphics - The virtual world space, Perspective projection, Stereo vision, 3D clipping, Colour theory, 3D modeling, Illumination models, Shading algorithms, Hidden surface removal, Realism. Geometrical transforms ; Frames of reference, 3D transforms, Instances, Picking, Flying, Scaling the VE, Collision detection. Animating the Virtual Environment - Animation, The dynamics of numbers, Updating real-time graphics, Shape and object inbetweening, Free-form deformation. Human factors - Perception, Persistence of vision, Stereopsis, Sound perseption, Equilibrium. Physical simulation - Simulation of physical systems, Mathematical modeling, Collisions, Projectiles, Introduction to dynamics, Motion kinematics.

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Course Type Major
Credit Hour 3
Lecture Hour 45
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