Seminar on Public Speaking by Raihan M. Abrar.

Event Type: Seminar
Speaker: Raihan M. Abrar.
Starts: Saturday, Aug 19, 2017, 03:30 PM
Ends: Saturday, Aug 19, 2017, 05:00 PM
Location: Lecture gallery, 4th floor,SECS


Many of us engineers and computer scientists have incredible amount of skill in our respective fields, but, when it comes to presentations or speaking skills, we somehow can't find the confidence or just go blank in the head about what to do! But such skill is very crucial in life for Interviews, for a good job , for selling your engineering product to clients or simply getting investors interested in your Research Project or Getting your game sold to Robi or Grameen, or simply getting a good score on your class presentations. Either way, it is part of evolution and if you feel you are missing it, or could just be happy for some pointers to help you; then join us on this very interesting event by our IUB's very own Raihan M. Abrar . Hear him out, talk to him! It's an interactive session. Ask whatever you want. Leave your formalities someplace else and take a few pointers - or a give a few! It's a win win situation. Its all about selling it .

You Can Message him or Sayem Gearspec on FB for any details.

Location Lecture gallery, 4th floor,SECS at 3:30pm
No registration needed. Open to All, (which means from other University/College also)