Farruk Ahmed, PhD

Farruk Ahmed, PhD

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Research Areas

  • Microprocessor / Microcomputer – based Systems.
  • Digital Signal Processing, Filter Design and Natural Language Processing.
  • Speech Processing, Image Processing & Pattern Recognition.
  • Interfacing & Peripherals.
  • Telecommunication Systems, Computer Networks and Information Systems Design.
  • Instrumentation and Feedback Control Systems Design.

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Conference Paper,
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Authentication Header of IPSEC to Enhance Security in AD-HOC Network
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Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Independent University, Bangladesh
2010 ~ Present.


Bangladesh Electronics Society.


Former Professor,
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,

Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Dhaka.
1967 – 2003 (including periods in Britain)


Former Professor,
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NSU.
2003 to 2009 (Full-Time), 1995-96, 2001-03 (Part-Time)


Former Director,
Information Services Department, NSU.

Industrial/Commercial, Research Experiences other than Ph.D

  • Has served as member expert or chairman/convener in many Governmental and other committees.
  • Has served as expert member/chairman in many selection committees for the faculties and officers of different ranks, and examination committees of many public and private Universities and Institutions.
  • Has worked as the founder and Honorary Adviser/Dean of Computer Science & Engineering Dept. of Darul Ihsan University, Dhaka for four and a half years.
  • Has designed syllabus for many B.Sc. Computer Science & Engineering and ICT programs.
  • Has served as WHO fellow and an honorary consultant (Medical Electronics) in BIRDEM for three years (1982-85).
  • Has served as a member of National IT policy committee, Govt. of Bangladesh for a few years.
  • Has worked as the Editor of  Journal of Sciences, Dhaka University.
  • Closely linked with various UGC activities.
  • Founder Chairman, Cosmotron Limited.
  • At present, President of Bangladesh Electronics  Society ( the main National professional society of Electronics Engineers/Scientists).
  • Senior Fellow and the Convener of the Research subcommittee of the Bangladesh Computer Society.
  • At present, Member of the Executive Committee of National Council of Science & Technology (NCST), Govt. of Bangladesh.
  • Has been a founder of Bio-Engineering Department in Gono University.
  • Has been one of the two technical experts for BOO project of Govt. of Bangladesh for setting up of 3 to 5 lakhs telephone systems.
  • Has been the chairman of the Governmental technical committee for the purchase of ten Television Transmitters to be placed across the country.
  • Senior most member of the Technical Committee of the Public Administration Training Centre (PATC) Savar for more than ten years.
  • Worked as a research fellow in the field of Medical Electronics (computerized) in the University of Sheffield, England, for 3 months. In 1985.
  • Joined as a short term fellow in the application of computers in Medical diagnosis in the University of Nottingham, England, in 2003.
  • Attended a one-month intensive workshop on Microprocessor-Technology and applications  in Colombo under UNESCO-ICTP in 1984.
  • Attended a workshop on application of Computers in Control Engineering in Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore, India in 1983.
  • Has worked as an expert member for the 2000-line PABX system since 1994 and also for the 500-line audio system to be used in the newly built Senate Building of University of Dhaka.


  • Ph.D in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1979
    University of Salford , Manchester, England