M Ashraful Amin, PhD

M Ashraful Amin, PhD

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Teaching Philosophy: “Application Oriented Learning”. Main focus of this philosophy is to restructure course material in such a way that it contains more real-life example-oriented explanation and demonstration such that students know where and how they can apply knowledge acquired during a course. This is mainly done through practical problem solving and relevant literature surveying. After attending my courses students know how to seek for relevant material for learning. I teach my students how to learning.

Research Philosophy: “Humanitarian Technology Innovation for 4th Industrial Revolution Challenges”. Focus of this philosophy is to motivate and equip, Bangladeshi youth to learn and apply research on machine learning and statistical data analytics, computer vision and cybernetics, and, IoT and robotics, to develop humanitarian technology to address issues such as: climate, gender, disability, healthcare, education, and poverty alleviation.

Research Area: Machine Learning, Cognitive & Vision Science, Cybernetics, Surveillance & Security, ICT in Education, Health, & Agriculture, HCI, IoT & Robotics

Interests: People, Philosophy, Photography, Physics, Poetry, Psychology

www.AgenCyLab.org | aminmdashraful@gmail.com 

Phone:+88-02-8431645-53, 8432065-76  Ext: 2222

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