A K M Mahbubur Rahman

A K M Mahbubur Rahman

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

I have completed my PhD at CVPIA Lab, University of Memphis. Before joining in IUB, I had worked at Eyelock Inc, USA as Senior  Research Scientist. 




Phone: 2230

Mobile: 01904017955


Research interest:

  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing


Research Grant:

   Principle Investigator (PI)

  • IUB Startup Research Grant (2018)      144,000/=
  • ICT Bangladesh (2019)                        500,000/= 
  • IUB Sponsored Research (2020)           11, 50,000/=

   Co-Principle Investigator (Co-PI) : Agency LAB

  • ICT Bangladesh (2020)                        20,00,000/= 



Personal Website:




  • Systems and Methods of Illumination Control for Biometric Capture and Liveness Detection (Filed Jul 26, 2016  Patent issuer and numberus 62/366766)

Publication List


  • S. Mahmud, M.T.H. Tonmoy, K.K. Bhaumik, A K M M  Rahman, M A. Amin, M. Shoyaib, A.H Khan and A.A. Ali, “Human Activity Recognition from Wearable Sensor Data using Self-Attention”, ECAI, Spain, 2020
  • Arif, Abdullah Omar, Sabah Ashraf, A K M M Rahman, Amin Ahsan Ali, M Ashraful Amin, “A Comparative Study on Disaster Detection from Social Media Images using Deep Learning",  Proceedings of the Global AI Congress (GAIC 2019),  Kolkata, India, 2019
  • Md Wahidul Hasan, Akil Hamid Chowdhury, Md Mehedi Hasan, Arup Ratan Datta, A K M M Rahman, M Ashraful Amin, “IoT Based Smart Application System to Prevent Sexual Harassment in Public Transport”, Book Chapter, AISC, Bangkok, Thailand, Springer, 2019
  • Abu Bakar Siddik Nayem, Anis Sarker, Ovi Paul, Amin Ali, Md. Ashraful, Amin, A K M M Rahman, "LULC Segmentation of RGB Satellite Image Using FCN-8", 3rd SLAAI-International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Springer,  Srilanka, 2019 


  • A K M M. Rahman, ASM. I. Anam, M. I. Tanveer, and M. Yeasin, “EmoAssist: A Real-time Social Interaction Tool to assist the Visually Impaired", In Proceedings of the 15th  International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2013), Las Vegas, NV. Cited by: 1
  • A K M M. Rahman, M. I. Tanveer, ASM. I. Anam, and M. Yeasin, "IMAPS: A Smart Phone Based Real-Time Framework For Prediction Of Affect In Natural Dyadic Conversation", In Proceedings of the conference of Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP 2012) , San Diego, CA (acceptance rate = 22.3% oral). Cited by: 5
  • A K M M. Rahman, M. I. Tanveer, and M. Yeasin. "A spatio-temporal probabilistic framework for dividing and predicting facial action units". In Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Affective  computing and intelligent interaction - Volume Part II, ACII’11. Cited by: 6
  • M. I. Tanveer, A.S.M. I. Anam, S. GhoshA K M M. Rahman, and M. Yeasin, “FEPS: A Sensory Substitution System for the Blind to Perceive Facial Expressions”, In Proceedings of the ASSETS 2012, Boulder, Colorado.
  • R. Azevedo, R. Landis, R. F. Behnagh, M. Duffy, G. Trev., J. Harley, F. Bouchet, J. Burlison, M. Taub, N. Pacam., M. Yeasin, A K M M. Rahman, M. I. Tanveer, and G. Hossain, “The Effectiveness of Pedagogical Agents’ Prompting and Feedback in Facilitating Co-Adapted Learning with MetaTutor”, Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS), LNCS, Vol. 7315/2012, 2012. 
    A K M M. Rahman, Sidney D’Mello, “Tracking Facial behavior from Video”, IIS, May, 2010
  • M. S. Sorower, A K M M. Rahman and M. Yeasin, “A Survey on Machine Learning-based Approach for  Testing Large Scale Software”, Workshop on advances and innovations in System Testing, Fedex Institute of Technology, The University of Memphis, May 4-6, 2008.


  • A K M M. Rahman, ASM. I. Anam, and M. Yeasin, "Robust Modeling of Epistemic Mental States”, Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications  (Accepted with major revision), 2020.


Assistant Professor                                                                                          April/2018 – Present

Department of CSE

Independent University Bangladesh

Bashundhara RA, Bangladesh


Senior Research Scientist                                                                               Dec/2015 – Apr/2018

Eyelock Inc, 42 Washington Rd, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550


Research Scientist                                                                                           Nov/2013 –Nov/2015

Eyelock Inc, 42 Washington Rd, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550


Software Development Intern I                                                                      Jun/2008 - Aug/2008

FedEx Services, IT, Rocky Mountain Technology Center, Colorado Springs, USA


Lecturer                                                                                                            Feb/2007 - Jul/2007

The People’s University of Bangladesh,

Asad Gate, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Adjunct Faculty                                                                                                May/2006 - Dec/2006

Daffodil International University

Sukrabad, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • PhD in Computer Engineering, 2013
    University of Memphis, USA
  • MSc in Computer Engineering, 2011
    University of Memphis, USA
  • BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, 2006
    Jahangirnagar University