JUKTI-Official Club of CSE, IUB” celebrates International Women’s Day through “Born to Bloom”,

To celebrate International Women’s Day, “JUKTI-Official Club of CSE, IUB” organized “Born to Bloom”, a massive 3-day event from 9th of March to 11th of March were women of varying rank, status, and profession came together for a single purpose, to inspire the ones who doubt their own potential.

From segments focusing on successful women behind administration like “Aster” to connecting with our respected female Faculties on “Cosmos”, JUKTI shed a light on their views and their way of life to help other aspiring women find their passion. We were more than happy to be joined by our respected female Alumni and actively participating student club members from IUB, in “Dahlia” and “Freesia”, where we learned about the importance of hard work and networking for success. 

 Lastly, we were blown away by the incredible life lessons we got from our guest speaker in “Iris”, where she talked about the importance of community growth and immense dedication for guaranteed success in our current developing Bangladesh.


Event videos: 

Iris - Iris 

Cosmos - Cosmos

Dahlia segment:1 - Dahlia 1

Dahlia segment:2 - Dahlia 2

Dahlia segment:3 - Dahlia 3

Freesia - Freesia

Aster - Aster